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The ministry's business plan is an ongoing three-year plan that is part of the government's commitment to be open and accountable. You can find information on how the ministry operates, its goals, priority initiatives, performance measures and budget allocations.


The Alberta government’s 2015-16 budget takes a responsible approach to building a predictable, sustainable fiscal foundation while taking bold action now to reduce government spending, to focus on priorities and core programs and to deliver on those priorities at a lower cost to the taxpayer. As part of that approach, we will remain committed to the ongoing growth, sustainability and excellence of our culture and tourism sectors.

Through thoughtful, prudent investments, Budget 2015 recognizes the huge contribution of our creative industries, the arts, heritage and nonprofit/voluntary sectors make to our quality of life and in assisting Albertans who need support. In addition, tourism in Alberta is a $7.4 billion per year industry. It’s an important economic generator that can help build a stronger and more diverse economy in Alberta — creating jobs, and encouraging development and investment in communities all across the province. Albertans are living healthier lives, getting involved in their community and sharing their hometown pride thanks to the efforts of those involved in sport, recreation and physical activity organizations across the province. Alberta Culture and Tourism’s 2015-16 budget is $321 million including operating and capital spending.

Arts and Cultural Industries

Culture matters to Albertans and it matters to the future development of Alberta as our province grows in size and stature, and as an economic driver on the global stage. In 2012 alone, the economic impact of the culture sector was $8.2 billion, approximately three per cent of Alberta's Gross Domestic Product. This sector delivers a measurable, competitive edge for our province and helps enhance the quality of life of all Albertans. Budget 2015 provides $64.2 million for arts and cultural industries, including:


Tourism plays a vital role in Alberta’s continued economic success and contributes to the social vitality of the province. In 2012 alone, visitors from across Alberta, Canada and around the world contributed over $7.41 billion in direct tourism expenditures. Culture and Tourism is committed to help grow the industry and maximize the opportunities tourism creates in every region of the province. We are working with our industry partners to advance the priorities of Alberta's Tourism Framework and achieve the goal for tourism in Alberta to be a $10.3 billion industry by 2020. Budget 2015 provides $69 million for tourism marketing and development, including:

  • $54.4 million to support tourism marketing initiatives through Travel Alberta.
  • $12.6 million in support of tourism development and investment attraction.


The preservation and protection of Alberta's rich history creates knowledge and awareness of our past, strengthens pride in our communities and helps to grow economic opportunities for a prosperous future. Budget 2015 provides $54.6 million to protect and promote Alberta's history and heritage. This includes:

Nonprofit/Voluntary Sector

Delivering programs and services valued at more than $9.6 billion annually and employing 176,000 Albertans, the nonprofit sector not only enhances the quality of life for all Albertans but is an important contributor to the provincial economy. Budget 2015 provides $64.6 million in grant funding for community voluntary support services, including:

Recreation and Physical Activity

An active lifestyle is important to creating a healthier and happier province where more Albertans are more active, more often. Albertans are also passionate about sport, whether it is in bringing international sport events to the province, or in the development of young athletes who go on to represent Alberta on the world’s stage. Budget 2015 provides more than $30 million in overall support to sport, recreation and physical activity programs and services, including:

  • $5.3 million to help support Active Alberta and the 25 recreation associations and 15 active living organizations across Alberta in a collaborative effort promoting healthy, active living in our schools and communities.
  • $22 million to the Alberta Sport Connection to support all levels of sport and sport development in the province.
  • A commitment to hosting the 2019 Canada Winter Games in Red Deer.

Francophone Secretariat

Alberta's Francophone Secretariat represents the needs of the Francophone community in Alberta and supports initiatives aimed at promoting French language and culture. Budget 2015 provides $1.3 million for the Francophone Secretariat to help support the planning and delivery of quality French-language services and initiatives aimed at contributing to the development of Francophone communities.

Through the efforts of Albertans working within our culture and tourism sectors, Albertans, Canadians and people around the world are learning more about our history, exploring opportunities to be a part of our present and looking forward to sharing in the exciting possibilities of our future. Budget 2015 is a plan to address the fiscal reality through careful, responsible use of funds and by employing Alberta’s most valuable resource - the strength of Albertans to respond with the same creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that has – and will continue – to drive our success into the future.

Last reviewed/revised: July 17, 2015
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