Business Plan & Budget

The ministry's business plan is an ongoing three-year plan that is part of the government's commitment to be open and accountable. It contains information about the environment in which the ministry operates and its goals, priority initiatives, performance measures and budget allocations.


The Alberta government's 2014-15 budget takes a fiscally responsible approach to Building Alberta by focusing on achieving results and delivering programs and services that matter to Albertans. As part of that approach, we will remain committed to the goals of our provincial cultural policy, The Spirit of Alberta (PDF – 1.2 KB), and its four keystones of access, capacity, excellence and fostering cultural industries.

Budget 2014 recognizes the immense contributions that thousands of people in our creative industries, the arts, heritage and the nonprofit/voluntary sectors make to building Alberta's communities. A thriving culture sector not only adds to our quality of life, it is a major contributor to our economy, helps us attract and retain a skilled workforce and enhances our reputation around the world. Alberta Culture's 2014-15 budget is $233 million including operating and capital spending.

Nonprofit/Voluntary Sector

Alberta's nonprofit/voluntary sector is a key contributor to the high quality of life we enjoy in this province. With an estimated annual impact of $9.6 billion, the sector provides capacity to deliver many essential, community-based services, particularly to those who are most vulnerable. Budget 2014 provides $66 million in grant funding for community voluntary support services, including:


The preservation and protection of Alberta's rich history creates knowledge and awareness of our past, strengthens pride in our communities and helps to grow economic opportunities for a prosperous future. Budget 2014 provides $59 million to protect and promote Alberta's history and heritage. This includes:

Alberta municipalities, owners of historic properties and Albertans who are committed to documenting our past will continued to have access to funding for projects that preserve our past and create new economic opportunities.

Francophone Secretariat

Alberta's Francophone Secretariat represents the needs of the Francophone community in Alberta and supports initiatives aimed at promoting French language and culture. Budget 2014 provides $1.3 million for the Francophone Secretariat to help support the planning and delivery of quality French-language services and to support initiatives aimed at contributing to the development of francophone communities.

Arts and Cultural Industries

Culture matters to Albertans and it matters to the future development of Alberta as our province grows in size and stature, and as an economic driver on the global stage. In 2012 alone, the economic impact of the culture sector was $8.2 billion, approximately three per cent of Alberta's Gross Domestic Product. This sector delivers a measurable, competitive edge for our province and helps enhance the quality of life of all Albertans. Budget 2014 provides $64 million for arts and cultural industries, including:

2013 Alberta Floods

The impacts of flooding in 2013 were significant and touched almost every sector of southern Alberta's cultural community. Many nonprofit and arts organizations, as well as historic sites, were significantly affected. Budget 2014 includes $8.8 million to assist culture organizations facing increased programming and operational costs, as well as rebuilding expenses, as a result of the floods.

Social Innovation Endowment Fund

To help foster new, solution-oriented approaches to solving Alberta's complex social challenges, the Government of Alberta has established a $1 billion Social Innovation Endowment Fund starting in 2014-15. Part of the endowment will be dedicated for the culture sector and will help support the work of the Premier's Council on Culture.

Culture matters to the well-being of Albertans and the growth and prosperity of our province. With Budget 2014 and through our 2014-17 Business Plan (PDF – 304 KB), Alberta Culture will continue to build upon the creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that has - and will - continue to drive the success of our nonprofit/voluntary and multicultural organizations, historic places, artists, cultural industries and corporate sector.

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