The Government of Alberta's recognizes Alberta's arts and culture sectors are essential to Albertan's quality of life, as described in The Spirit of Alberta, Alberta's cultural policy.

Alberta Culture encourages the growth, accessibility and excellence of Alberta’s arts and culture sector through a variety of programs:

Alberta Film Alberta Film: supports the growth and competitiveness of Alberta's film and screen production industries through the marketing of the Alberta Media Fund (AMF) and Alberta's film and television industry.
Alberta Film Ratings Alberta Film Classification: Alberta Film Classification is responsible for rating films before they are shown to the public and helping Albertans in making informed and responsible film choices.
Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA): The AFA exists to fund and support the arts sector as a valuable contributor to quality of life in Alberta, and to maintain and ensure access to the AFA art collection.
Northern and Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium Alberta Jubilee Auditoria: The Northern and Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium's offer world class venues where community spirit and cultural enrichment thrive through the enjoyment of diverse and amazing public performances.
  Alberta Media Fund (AMF): The AMF offers grants for film and television production, book publishing, magazine publishing and sound recording.

Provincial Art Collections: The Alberta Foundation for the Arts and other provincial art collections are digitally accessible and administered by the Arts Branch of Alberta Culture.


Last reviewed/revised: June 27, 2014