Online Access Request

NOTE: The deadline for submitting the declaration form to the program office to be set up with a User ID and password has passed. If you have not submitted a request to be set up with access to the system, you must now proceed with submitting a paper application by mail or courier.

This form is only required for organizations wishing to use the Online System. DO NOT complete this form if you intend to mail your application to the program office. If you have already been set up with a user id and password you DO NOT need to complete this form again.

To access the Online System for submitting grant applications and final reports, an organizational representative with signing authority must read the "Terms and Conditions" of becoming an online grant system "Registrant" and complete the "User ID and Password Set Up" declaration. This individual will be set up as the primary "registrant" with the authority to submit applications and final reports on behalf of the organization.

If desired, an additional "registrant" may be set up with online access to prepare applications and final reports, to then be submitted by the primary "registrant" with signing authority.

Click here to access the Terms and Conditions and the declaration form.

Once completed, sign, scan and email or fax the declaration to the Community Spirit Program office. The user id and password set up may take up to 48 hours to complete. You will be notified by the program office once your user id and password are available.

Last reviewed/revised: December 4, 2013