Completing the Calculation Worksheet

To assist you in completing the Calculation Worksheet, two instructional videos are provided for your use.

Before you begin watching the video, refer to page 4 of the application, as well as Samples "A" and "B" (link forms below this paragraph) for guidance on how to provide additional documentation to support the calculation worksheet.

Page 4 provides an explanation of what should be included on the Calculation Worksheet (page 5).

Samples "A" and "B" are intended to assist you in completing the additional worksheet explanation page.

Organizations are strongly encouraged to complete one of these samples or create their own to explain the numbers on the calculation worksheet.

Video 1 is for organizations using one 12-month fiscal period.

Video 2 is for organizations using multiple 12-month fiscal periods.

  • Refer to pages 6 and 7 of the program guidelines for different multiple year examples.
Last reviewed/revised: December 4, 2013