In its role as a liaison between the government and Alberta's Francophone community, the Francophone Secretariat represents the needs of the Francophone community in Alberta and supports initiatives promoting French language and culture.

We hope to:

  • Acknowledge and increase awareness of the long-standing and continuing contribution of Alberta's Francophone community to the social, cultural and economic development of Alberta.
  • Support Francophone organizations, communities and individuals in the development of their capacity to participate in, and contribute to, government sponsored initiatives promoting French language and culture.
  • Raise awareness and understanding to current Government of Alberta initiatives providing services to the Francophone community in a number of priority areas.


The Francophone Secretariat:

  • Serves as a liaison between the government and the Alberta Francophone community.
  • Clarifies and represent the needs of the Francophone community within government, in particular with the ministries of Education, Infrastructure, Transportation, Culture and Tourism, Human Services, Health & Wellness, and Intergovernmental, International and Aboriginal Relations.
  • Represents Francophone Albertans and Alberta in organizations such as conferences of ministers responsible for Francophone affairs.
  • Participates in the negotiation of federal or provincial agreements relating to French language, culture and education programs.

Organizational Structure

The Francophone Secretariat consists of a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta (MLA), who acts as president or minister responsible for the executive director, community liaison officers and any other staff determined by the president or minister responsible.

The executive director reports to both the minister and the deputy minister of Culture and Tourism.

View Francophone Secretariat's organizational chart.

Last reviewed/revised: May 12, 2016
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