Listing of Historic Resources

The March 2014 Listing of Historic Resources is now available.

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A primary tool for regulating land-based development is the Listing of Historic Resources (formerly known as the Listing of Significant Historical Sites and Areas).  The Listing and instructions can be downloaded free of charge.

The Listing is issued twice a year in late February and late August, taking effect March 1 and September 1. Notice of the availability of the new Listing is broadcast by e-mail. If you would like to be placed on the e-mail list, please register with the Online Permitting and Clearance (OPaC) system at and check the "I would like to receive email updates" box located under the My Profile tab.

  1. Listing of Historic Resources
  2. Instructions for Use (182KB)
  3. Applying for Historical Resources Act Clearance
    • For instruction on applying for Historical Resources Act clearance click here.

Archaeological Survey Procedures Bulletins

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Last reviewed/revised: March 3, 2014