Active Alberta Overview

Active Alberta Vision

Albertans enjoy a high quality of life, improved health and wellness, strong communities, economic benefits and personal fulfillment through recreation, active living and sport.

What is Being Active?

Activities that are key to Active Alberta are:

  • Achievable in any setting — work, home, school, in the neighbourhood, or elsewhere—and at any time of day.
  • Contribute to a sense of pride and belonging in the community.
  • Emphasize active living as an integrated part of life, part of our culture.
  • Include all People no matter their skill level, abilities, age, health or interests.
  • Include all Types ranging from unstructured participation to athletic excellence.
  • Include a Range such as walking, biking, taking the stairs at work and gardening.

Benefits to Being Active

Active living, recreation and sport contribute to holistic benefits for:

  • Physical, mental, social and spiritual health
  • Overall well-being of Albertans
  • Personal growth
  • Self discovery
  • Lifelong learning

Active opportunities respect and respond to the diverse needs and abilities of individuals, families and communities making Alberta more accessible and inclusive. As such, there are numerous health, education, social, environmental, economic, and community development benefits associated with more Albertans becoming more active more often. To explore the evidence and details of these benefits, go to

Learn more about the Active Alberta policy


Last reviewed/revised: March 9, 2015
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