After School Recreation

Children that have access to recreation opportunities in the after school time period will be less involved in negative behaviours, will tend to high have higher self-esteem, will likely be more active and healthy, and will have more positive academic outcomes as well.

The Alberta government is addressing this opportunity by:

  • Exploring best practices from existing after school programs and services
  • Examining how targeted resources and community partnerships can be leveraged to enhance after school recreation opportunities for all Alberta children and families
  • Working closely with partners across Canada to share best practices, innovative approaches and common tools
  • Facilitating discussions and collaborative action between key leaders and various community partners

The first step in this process is the development of an Alberta After School website. Working with a number of provincial stakeholders, Culture and Tourism has begun the development of an Alberta specific website focused on the after school hours. The website will leverage the national efforts of the Canadian Active After School Partnership and act as a catalyst for continued collective activities.

To learn more about the Canadian Active After School Partnership please visit

Last reviewed/revised: March 9, 2015
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